Ray Campas

Master Barber & Founder of HBC

Founder, Ray Campas, was born in 1934 and grew up in Tucson in the historic Barrio Hollywood District. Ray started cutting hair in 1953 and continued until his death in 2019. During his 64-year career Ray won over 60 competitions and was an International Champion. He won his first Arizona State Championship in 1969 and held that title for three consecutive years. Ray was an alternate for the World Championship and missed competing by only two points as the first Latino to have completed at this level.

During his career, Ray studied under Neil Fisher and Luigi Conti, both World Champions in the Barber Industry. During his long career, Ray owned six barbershops in the Tucson area and in 1994 he opened Hollywood Barber College. When he opened the school, Ray capped the number of barber students to 6 but quickly grew to 10 students in 1998. Currently there are over 30 students with a waiting list to attend. During Ray’s years of instruction, he trained thousands of barbers who are proud to be some of the best professionals in Tucson and beyond.

Ray’s legacy and spirit is captured by his son, Richard Campas, who took over as Director of Hollywood Barber College following Ray’s death. Richard continues to bring students Ray’s delicious burritos. His common expression “Haircut Upfront” is still bellowed throughout the classroom to alert students of an incoming client. Ray’s heritage looms large over the school. His personality, awards and achievements can be seen in the many of photographs displayed throughout the facility. In 2020, Hollywood Barber College was acknowledged as the Best Barber College in Tucson—Ray would be immensely proud!

The team at Hollywood are the best, the talent knowledge is shared from to the other, it’s a family vibe feeling and is worth a visit. You will be back again and again and will not want to go anywhere else.

David P.


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