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"In the world of  haircutting, precision is an art, and professionalism is the masterpiece. Your skill with the shears and clippers is a reflection of your dedication to both the craft and the client. Strive for excellence, and let every haircut be a testament to your commitment to the art of grooming."

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A Career in Barbering

Are you ready to pursue not only a career but an esteemed tradition? Hollywood Barber College offers personalized instruction and flexible scheduling options. See our school page to learn more.

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1336 W. Prince Rd.
Tucson, AZ  85705

Walk-ins Always Welcome

Our school offers full Barber Shop Services at a discounted rate to the public.  Our  students depend on the local community for practice hours to meet certification requirements.


Student Announcements

HBC Gives Back


HBC Gives Back To The Haven

We at Hollywood Barber College are committed to giving back to our community.  Just last month, Richard, our director, and seven students, had an event at The Haven, a treatment center that helps women with substance use disorder. HBC, with the help of Jackie...

Events and Specials

Hollywood Barber College has an active community presence.  Watch this space for announcements of upcoming events.

Team At Hollywood Are The Best

The team at Hollywood are the best, the talent knowledge is shared from to the other, it’s a family vibe feeling and is worth a visit. You will be back again and again and will not want to go anywhere else.

David P.

Owners Expect Nothing But Perfection

The Owners absolutely expect nothing but perfection out of there students.  Great place to get your hair cut for a greater price. Absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to get their hair cut.

Brandon W.

Best Place In Town For A Haircut

Best place in town to get a haircut these guys are great Jonathan was real nice guy
Rest of the staff are awesome as well
Cheryl at the counter was real nice to:)🇺🇸😊
Will be back again to get haircuts:)


Don’t Think I Could Have Picked A Better Barber School To Attend

I don’t think I could have picked a better barber school to attend, all of the instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable. There is no place with a better vibe than HBC. I would advise anyone who is looking into becoming a barber to come in and take a tour.

Completely Satisfied

I liked this place and hopefully my future hairstylist Edgar! Even though it was a while he went out of his comfort zone and got the job done! Completely satisfied! I got lots of comments and hope to see him again


Students Were Amazing

I took my grandson to Hollywood Barber College for a haircut. They took great care of him. The staff was wonderful. The students were amazing. The always say welcome in when you come through the door. The school was clean for as busy as it was. I would recommend anyone to get their haircut at Hollywood and it’s cheap. If you want to be a barber this is the school I would recommend.

J Coleman

Greeted By Everyone

I just moved to Tucson. So, this is my first time going there. I was greeted by everyone. Which was really cool. Yes, that was done for everyone coming in. I immediately felt welcome. Got my name and what I wanted done. It was a beard trim. The connected me with Diego with a hearty hand shake. He trimmed my beard. It is they way I like it. The instructor was close enough to help if needed. I will be back! You should try it as well!!! Thank you!

Kodi P.

Looking for a barber school in Tucson? I can’t recommend this place enough.

A lot of customer reviews, but this is a review from a former student.

In terms of passing exams and job placement, this is probably the most successful, if not one of the most successful schools in the state. I had a job lined up the day after I got my results, the same can be said for just about every student I know.

Last I checked, the school was 15/15 for the most recent people passing the state board.

Its a family run business that has existed since the 80’s. They care about their students and their success. They also care about their clients, where the lion’s share has been going to the school for 15+ years for their haircuts.

They truly send their students to the state board examinations well prepared. If you aren’t prepared, that’s not on them… promised.

If you are looking for a barber school in Tucson, I could not recommend this place enough.

Colin K.


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Tuesday - Friday: 9 am - 6pm
Saturday: 8 am - 2 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

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